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The 361° Beyond Expectations Ambassador Program is an embodiment of our commitment to enabling everyday runners and athletes to define their own standard of success, break down barriers and achieve more than they thought possible. These are people of all abilities who share a passion for rejecting external measures of achievement by creating and fulfilling their own potential and possibilities. We know that everyone - no matter their background, abilities or ambitions can go beyond expectations. We exist to support athletes and help them reach their potential.

Our Ambassadors

Katie Zaferes

Katie Zaferes is a dedicated and successful triathlete representing 361 Sports. Katie is a two-time Olympian and one-time Olympic medalist". She competes with the mentality of always "Race hard, but most of all have fun."


Johannes Heym

Johannes Heym is a dedicated marathon runner who represents 361 Sport. He believes that “you never know what you are able to do until you try".


Michele Mossali

Michele Mossali is a dedicated Trail Running, Bike & Triathlon athlete who represents 361 Sport. Michele believes that "big dreamers become big winners".


Sarah Crouch

Sarah Crouch is a Marathon runner who represents 361 Sport. Since joining 361 she believes, “I’m with a good company full of good people."


Fabienne Helle

Fabienne Helle is a dedicated runner who represents 361 Sport. Through a long journey with plenty of challenges she now competes at a high level. Fabienne believes that "everything happens for a reason".


Suzie Bear

Suzie Bear is a Modern Pentathlon athlete who competes for Great Britain and represents 361 Sport. Her mantra is “Do it and don't search for excuses".


Fabrice Armbuster

Fabrice Armbuster is an adventure runner and all around athlete who represents 361 Sport. His aim is to always give the best of himself and to take maximum pleasure in running by sharing with friends. Fabrice believes "if you quit once it becomes a habit. So never quit!".


Giovanni Brattoli

Giovanni Brattoli has been competing in athletics and triathlon for more than 15 years. His mantra is “Never give up!".



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